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A Song for Nashville
Fan-fiction written by Federica
Fan Fiction Music
Norah Jones,
Elvis Presley
Fan Fiction Cast
Greg Evigan is B.J. McKay

Bobbie Eakes is Madeleine

Chuck Norris is Star Northon

Dolly Parton is Dolly Parton

Part One
The notes of the song “Don’t know why”
by Norah Jones,
accompany the journey of Billie Joe McKay.
He is going straight to Nashville,
where He has a good engagement
for a stereo cargo.
It’s early the morning,
there is an evocative atmosphere
along the road;
the sun’s light brightens
the mountains in a touching sight,
giving a scenary full of peace and coulors.
The motor-truck’s job market,
like all the others, has been affected by
the economic crisis, and finally,
after a lot of time, B.J. has a good contract!
In the story enters the character of Madeleine.
She is an indipendent woman,
but she is not happy.
Her dream is to become a country singer.
After a while, she takes the decision to make her dream come true.
She writes a song and resigned her employed job.
She enrolles to the musical contest
“A song for Nashville”.
Madeleine doesn’t want to be afraid anymore;
for once in her life,
she wishes to follow her dream:
this is her last chance!
B.J stops to have lunch along the road.
In the restaurant the radio is playing the song
“Lovestruck” by Hush.
Madeleine arrives shortly after
in the same restaurant,
Unfortunately She missed the bus’ connection
to Nashville,
and now she could miss the musical competition.
During a conversation in the restaurant,
she finds out that B.J. is a trucker
directed to Nashville.
Introducing herself,
Madeleine asks him a lift.
B.J. likes her and he decides to help her.
During the travel Billie Joe and Madeleine
become friends.
Both of them have had difficult
periods and experiences.
B.J. has left Los Angeles
because one of his friend took over
the Bear Enterprise which
he owned for a long time.
For a few months,
he went to Bosnia as a volunteer,
now he is back in the US,
back to the roads he knows so well,
along with his inseparable friend Bear.
Madeleine talks about her dream and
the difficulties which made her suffer in the past;
but now she is determined to pursue her plan till the end.
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