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A Song for Nashville
Fan-fiction written by Federica
Fan Fiction Music
Norah Jones,
Elvis Presley
Fan Fiction Cast
Greg Evigan is B.J. McKay

Bobbie Eakes is Madeleine

Chuck Norris is Star Northon

Dolly Parton is Dolly Parton

Part Two
Billie Joe is crossing
Green Valley county to get to Nashville,
and starting from that moment,
the troubles begin...
Because Valley county is under
the jurisdition of sheriff Star Northon.
He is not a very honest man.
The county has not a good reputation either,
since it has never received any recognition
and it’s dismissed by other counties.
Northon is not nice to mayor “Mr Athlon”,
and he might lose his job.
To solve the situation,
the sheriff would like to arrest
the criminal band of a real estate agency.
Upon this band there is a reward
that would resolve his economic problems.
This band has cheated many honest people
who gave their savings to buy a house.
These gangsters promised them
that it was a bargain!
Houses made with good material and so on.
Unfortunately, the people found out
that the houses
didn’t exist and the agency
disappeared with their money.
The Edison firm of Green Valley reported
a theft of precious material.
Two truckers wife and husband
with a false delivery document
have stolen a cargo of gold taps,
plus the money of the safe: $50.000.
The sheriff has an insight!
He thinks that the two truckers
may belong to the criminal band
( in reality is not like that;
they are two thieves that work on their own).
Now the sheriff has a plan!
Running short of time,
he decides to arrest the first couple of truckers
(B.J. and Madeleine) pretending that
they are the thieves of the Edison firm.
The sheriff is sure that the criminal band
will pay the bail, because it’s too dangerous
to keep the two truckers in jail,
“they could reveal important information".
Northon is sure that the band
will kill the two truckers,
so he will follow their footsteps,
and he’ll find the whole gang.
The bail is payed by someone in incognito,
and now B.J. and Madeleine are free,
but the troubles are not over...
They just started.
B.J. thinks that the sheriff
wants to put him into troubles
( in reality is not like that),
and he get to rid of the sheriff.
B.J. and Madeleine decide to go to Edison firm,
hoping to find out some clues.
As a matter of fact,
Mr. Edison is involved with the criminal gang.
(He gave them some covering material)
Mr.Edison realizes that the document
(reporting the name of the gang’s chief)
has been stolen from gold tap’s thieves.
Mr. Edison is threaten
and beaten up by the gangsters,
and finally he is forced to withdraw the complaint.
When B.J. and Madeleine arrive to the firm,
they find Mr Edison, unconscious.
Suddenly, they are attacked by the crooks,
who think that they have the stolen document.
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