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A Song for Nashville
fan-fiction written by Federica
Fan Fiction Music
Norah Jones,
Elvis Presley
Fan Fiction Cast
Greg Evigan is B.J. McKay

Bobbie Eakes is Madeleine

Chuck Norris is Star Northon

Dolly Parton is Dolly Parton

Part Three
B.J. and Madeleine run away;
during the escape, Madeleine realizes
she lost her cell somewhere,
luckily she finds it
(it felt on the lawn),
she picks it up and she put
it quickly in the bag.
Trying to get rid from troubles,
B.J. understands that he must find
the golden taps’ thieves,
but he doesn’t have the faintest idea
from where to start.
Madeleine takes the cell from the bag,
and only now she realizes that it is not hers,
it belongs to the taps'thieves!
B.J. and Madeleine get
their address and find the farm,
just when the two thieves are melting the gold.
B.J. finds the stolen document and
now he understands everything.
The chief of the criminal band
is the mayor of Green Valley, “Mr Atholon”.
The mayor along with his men arrive to the farm.
Now he must kill all the witnesses.
Mr Atholon turns to B.J. and says
“I’m sorry to kill You”.
The sheriff has arrested the wrong guys,
“He has never been much clever”.
But in that precise moment,
a man appears - the sheriff!.
He turns to the mayor saying “You’re wrong!”.
There is a grapple, the bag with the money
of the safe $50.000 drops into
the moving sands outside the farm.
The criminals and the golden taps thieves
are under arrest,
the career of the mayor is over!
It’s a great accomplishment
for the sheriff and his county!.
About the reward, there is a clause.
It can’t go to the police force;
that would be illegal;
so it goes to B.J. and Madeleine.
They decide to give it to the cheated people.
Between the sheriff and B.J.,
there is now a relationship of liking and suspicion;
it’s always better
to keep the eyes open with Northon!.
The sheriff hails good bye to B.J. and Madeleine.
Then smiling in a funny way,
he opens the trank of his car
to take the bag with the $50.000.
The bag dropped into moving sand was empty,
Northon switched the bags;
He couldn’t miss such as chance!
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