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A Song for Nashville
Fan-fiction written by Federica
"Live Your Dreams" Lyric by Federica
Fan Fiction Music
Norah Jones,
Elvis Presley
Fan Fiction Cast
Greg Evigan is B.J. McKay
Bobbie Eakes is Madeleine
Chuck Norris is Star Northon
Dolly Parton isDolly Parton
Live Your Dreams
I decide to go, I donít know how
I donít know where
My heart says to go
My soul says to live
My mind says to leave
Stop to cry
Stop to lie
Hear the sound
Feel your heart
Itís your time
live your dreams
When Youíre tired
When Youíre down
donít give up to your dreams
Every age is a gift
Every day is a bet
A dream comes true
some others donít
Donít give up the hope
Be free
Every day, every night
You could touch the sky
You could touch the light
live your dreams in your life
live your life in your dreams.
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