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A Song for Nashville
Fan-fiction written by Federica
Fan Fiction Music
Norah Jones,
Elvis Presley
Fan Fiction Cast
Greg Evigan is B.J. McKay

Bobbie Eakes is Madeleine

Chuck Norris is Star Northon

Dolly Parton is Dolly Parton

Part Four
With the musical background of Elvis Presley
“A little less conversation”,
B.J. and Madeleine arrive to Nashville.
The town is shining, there are
a lot of feast lights
for the great musical contest
“A Song for Nashville”.
The magic moment for Madeleine is arrived,
but so suddenly!
She is frightened and decides
to give up at the last moment.
The famous singer Dolly Parton
is hosting the ceremony and
she invites Madeleine on the stage.
At this point, B.J. tries to cheer up his friend.
He brings her on the stage
stating to play the guitar.
Encouraged by his kind gesture,
she starts to sing her song
“Live your dreams”
...and it is an amazing success!
The audience is delighted,
everbody is calling her name!
She wins the contract with the musical Home,
B.J. is excited, it doesn’t happen every day
to perform on the stage!
Dolly Parton gives the award to Madeleine,
and she praises B.J. for his performance
“You could get a great country singer”
but B.J. shakes his head
“thanks, but for now I prefer to be a trucker,
the life is more exciting; one day, maybe...”
B.J. and Madeleine say goodbye,
and smiling, they say to each other
“Always follow your dreams”.
B.J. leaves to Houston with his stereo cargo.
In a radio show, Madeleine dedicates
her song to B.J. saying,
“this song is for a special person.
Without him, I wouldn’t be here now".
In the truck’s cabin,
B.J. is smiling and stroking Bear,
raises the volume of the radio
listening the song of Madeleine.
He switches the engine on,
driving his truck away,
between the lights of the sunset,
surronded by evocative scenary.
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