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Biography's pictures
Greg Evigan was born in South Amboy-New Jersey
the 14th of October 1953.
He grew up in the town of Sayerville,
surronding by the love of his family.
Since childhood, he has cherished a passion
for the music.
His Mother is a good classical pianist
and his father is a talented singer.
At the age of eight, Greg
begins to study classical music
and learns to play the piano.
At the age of ten,
he wants to become a spaceman
and writes his first screenplay
“The adventures of an Astronaut”.
Afterwards he changes his idea
and wishes to become a writer.
When a child of his neighborhood
buys an amplifier,
Greg with his friends starts
to play whatever instruments
and wishes to be a rock musician.
The name of his first band is “The Carltons”.
During his early teens
he goes on to perform in other bands:
"The Royal Plums”, “Strange Brew”.
In the high school he gets
a small singing part in a play.
From that moment everything changes;
now Greg wishes to become
a singer and an actor too.
He was encouraged by a teacher
to take up the artistic carrer.
Greg takes part to many school plays and picks up a
“Best supporting actor” award in a tri-state competition.
He wins a statewide talent contest,
singing one of his own song
at the Garden State Art center in New Jersey.
After the degree, he temporarly works in a shoe shop,
after that he decides
to make an audition along with 1500 persons
for “Jesus Christ Superstar” to Broadway.
After a Month of auditions, he gets the part of Annas and
understudies the lead role of Jesus.
Greg starts the theatre tour bus
through the United States.
Nine months later,
he joins to the Broadway company.
After two years of “Jesus Christ Superstar”,
he has signed for the lead role
of Danny Zuko in “Grease”.
He plays with great success
in Broadway for five weeks and
then in Chicago for nine months.
From here, his brilliant career starts
and it will follow a success after another.
Greg practises his profession with much passion.
He is a versatile person; and has many skills.
He has hold a us patent
on a product that he has invented.
The fans are very important for Greg.
He loves autographing pictures,
talking to fans and answering to the letters.
Since 1979 he has been married with
a beautiful classical dancer Pamela,
and has three children, Vanessa, Jason, Briana.
At the present time he lives
in the heart of S. Fernando Valley.