Yellow Rose

"A debt of honor"

David Soul Roy Champion
Sam Elliott Chance McKenzie
Cybill Shepherd Colleen Champion
Tom Shanley Whit Champion
Edward Albert Quisto Champion
Noah Beery Luther Dillard
Ken Curtis Hoyt Coryell
Michelle Bennett LC Champion
Greg Evigan Trey Champion
Paul Mantee Stryker
Ron Masak Johnny Tupelo
Usa 1984

Trey Champion is a great
rodeo’s champion.
He missed a lot of money with gambling.
He owes 350.000 dollars
to Mr. Rondello.
He is desperated and he is followed
by two henchmen.
Trey escapes and comes back to Yellow Rose.
He’s welcomed with love by his family.
The young Champion tells a lot of lies.
He asks to his brother Roy, his share of Yellow Rose, pretending to open
a new western style shop to El Paso.
Roy understands that Trey is
not telling the truth
and he denies the money to him.
Roy’s son Whit, must take part in a rodeo run
and he considers his uncle an hereo.
The day after Trey is attacked
by two henchmen
who threaten to kill his nephew.
Whit got a great score to the rodeo.
Trey takes advantage of chaos and
goes to armoured van for stealing the cashing.
Trey is discovered by his brother Chance,
who prevents him to commit a crime.
Trey tells him the truth and prises him to say nothing to Whit.
Trey goes to the appointment
of the two henchmen.
He has not the money and
threaten them with a gun.
Outside the motel, there are Chance and Roy with 350.000 dollars.
Trey doesn’t want their help,
but Roy says him that
he is making it for his son Whit.
Chance turns to Trey, telling him
that’s a debit of family, a debit of honor.
At the end Trey understands
he was wrong and
tells all the truth to Whit,
who is deeply hurted.
To Yellow Rose bus stop,
Champion family tells Trey
that Yellow Rose is always his home
and he can come back as he likes.
At the last minute, Whit arrives to
the bus stop.
He is still angry with his uncle,
but at the end, he tells him to come back
to be a champion as once time.
Trey smiles to him and
comforted by his nephew’s words,
he leaves to re-start a new life.

Yellow Rose's screencaps belong to NBC