Dangerous Scenes
Tek-war's shooting took long hours,
dangerous scenes with a lot of explosions.
Greg has had a seriously injured
while he was filming Tek-War.
He was blinded for almost a week.
He was shooting a scene where
he wanted his eyes to look red.
The make up artist blew
some menthol crystal in his eyes,
and forgot to put the screen on the device
the process burnt the cornea's off of both eyes.
In Tek-War Greg faced a
brand new challenge as an actor.
He worked with blue and green screen
and objects that weren't really there
and wouldn't be there
until the show was viewed on the tv screen.
The articol below belongs to SFTV 1995
"I like the character, "Says Evigan",
and I think there's a dark enough side to him
so that he's no t just a good guy.
His values are in the right direction,
but he is also in a world that is in a lot of trouble.
You know, like society is in trouble.
The enviroment is in trouble.
All those things are happening.
The world has become what we should expect
since kids today see something like 18,000 homicides
by the time they are 18 years old on Tv.
I forget what number is,
but it's bizarre like that.
If you're watching homicides
wheter in entertainment or on the news
you can't help but be influenced
and a little desensitized to those things.
The kids watch the news and say,
"Oh, look at that guy who's dead.
When I was a kid, if I saw something like that,
it would just really send chills down my spine.
I think in this context,
by the year 2043,
there is a large amount of desensitization
that has taken place.

Jake Cardigan's Son
The son of Jake Cardigan was performed by two actors.
Danny Cardigan in Tek-War's Movies Danny Cardigan in Tek-War's telefilm

Guest Star

Celebrated singer Sheena Heaston,
took part in
the first Movie of Tek-War,
in the role of "WarBride".
Sheena Easton cut the soundtrack
of the Movie 007 "For your eyes only"

Barry Morse took part in
the first Movie of Tek-War
in the role of "prof.Leon Kittridge".
Morse performed the part of
the scientist "Victor Bergman"
in the lucky Tv serie "Space 1999".

Playing James T.Kirk,
the captain of the universe-trotting U.S.S.
Enterprise has allowed William Shatner
to grapple with and
reflect upon many of the most perplexing
moral and scientific issues facing society.
But rather than pour his rumination
into a diary, he began writing novels.
And a hobby soon became a second career.
Providing a twist to our current war on drugs
in his first novel Tek-War,
Shatner invented a futuristic Earth ravaged
by a technological drug called Tek,
a virtual reality-type experience that is as addictive
and deadly as pure heroin.
Curiosly, the concept of Tek, he explains,
came from his decision to put
a television set in his bedroom.
"The television" is something I've become accustomed
to for information and to help me fall asleep",
the actor/writer says.
He finally realized that the tv had
a drug-like effect on him,
he says, as he found he had trouble falling
asleep without the soothing
glow of the set.
"So for the novel, I extended that drug effect
in having technology make your fantasies seem real.
In that case, it would become difficult to even leave your house.
Shatner explains that
he was attemping to juxtapose some of the grittiness
of the cop genre with
the general optimism of the Star Trek future.
"The key to great science fiction is the uman story.
Says Shatner.
"It was my earnest attempt to keep the stories
human and let the technological stuff take care of itself.
If viewers identify with the characters
and are intrigued by the story,
it matters little how good the technological stuff is.

"The articol belongs to SFTV 1995",

In the Picture William Shatner
Creator of "Tek-War"
In the picture the Cast of "Star Trek"
"Star Trek's screencap belongs to Paramount Pictures".

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