The Story
First Season
Billie Joe McKay is a young trucker
and comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
He travels through the United States roads,
along with his inseparable friend “a chimpanzee”.
His name is Bear
and his favourite drink, is beer!.

Billie Joe meets him in Vietnam
and it’s just Bear that saves B.J.’s life.
After the war, B.J. buys
a big red white strip truck,
that becomes his life,and home.
Honest and caring, B.J. has not an easy life.
The sheriffs compete to catch him out!.
B.J. often loves stopping
to “Country Comfort”,
a refreshment truckers place.
The characteristic of the place is the thermal bath.
Here, Billie Joe rests
after travelling far and wide
on the U.S.A roads.
Every travel is always an adventure!
Breathtaking chasing,
wonderful landscapes
and beautiful women,
always go with Billie Joe M’Kay,
nicknamed “Blue Jeans”!
Second Season
Billie Joe stops in Los Angeles.
Here, he heads a transport company “the Bear Enterprise”.
B.J. helps a friend who is out of action,
owing to an accident caused
by a business rival.
Now, Billie Joe works with other seven lady truckers.
His code name is “Milwaukee-Kid”.
The adventures won’t lack,
and also L.A's police captain
will give a rough ride to Billie Joe.