Greg, Sam and Pam
Greg, Sam and Sam's double
Greg with Ghettoway city
Greg and Sam at the piano
The story of Billie Joe McKay and Bear
started out with the movie “The Foundlings”,
that aired in
the United States in summer of 1978.
After the success of the movie,
they directed about 50 episodes
of the tv serie “B.J. And The Bear”.
The telefilm aired
from February 1979 to Agust 1981.
The serie was created by Glen A. Larson.
The theme song was sung by Greg Evigan.
The lyric and music
were written
by the producer Larson.

Greg Evigan learned to drive
the truck in three days
and he always shot the dangerous scenes.
Throughout the shooting of the show,
the truck was replaced more than once time.
In the first season the number of the plate was 635608;
in the second season it was Ut 3665 Kenworth.
At the present time,
Billie Joe McKay’s truck
is in the Universal studio,
and it has used to store and move equipment.

There was a beautiful relationship
between Greg and Sam
(this was the real name of Bear).
Sam was very protective with Greg.
When there was a shooting scene,
where Greg was attacked,
Sam came Greg’s defence.
Sam was a pacifist,
the weapons scared him;
when he saw one, he run away.
One day, he fell down from a tree,
taking behind him all the branch,
where he was leaned,
and all that,
because an extra was wandering with a gun.
That day, Sam stayed perched over
there for some hours, stopping the shooting,
there was no way to make him get down.
Sam had a double too!
A nice chimpanzee,
who shot the scenes where he drank the beer!
Greg and Sam were very good friends!

After the success of the song “People I Know”,
Greg Evigan made a tour through the United States,
with the musical band “Ghettoway City”.

“B.J. And The Bear” was accompanied
by a good sound track.
Among the songs, we can remember:
“My life”, “Only the good die young”
by Billie Joel;
“The pretender”, “Running on empty”
by Jackson Brown;
“Take it easy” by Eagles;
“The gambler”, “Ruben James”
by Kenny Roger;
“Rocky Montain high” by John Denver;
“Daniel” by Elton John.

The sheriffs had a very
important role in this tv serie.
From “B.J. And The Bear”it was produced the tv serie
“The misadventures of sheriff Lobo”.
A very loved show, thanks to the excellent artists.

Today, Greg Evigan still owns
some items of the show:
belts, jackets, boots.

At the present time in the United States,
the fans have signed a petition
for the return of “B.J. And The Bear”.

Billie Joe McKay and Bear will stay
in the viewers'heart forever!.