Touched by an Angel

"Then Sings my Soul"

"Unidentified Female"

John Dye Andrew
Roma Downey Monica
Della Reese Tess
Greg Evigan Bo
Jo Dee Messina Susi
Jennifer Holliday Norma
Tom Sullivan Clarence
Keb'Mo' Isaac
Louie Anderson Uncle Dudley
Usa 1999

Andrew, Monica and Tess arrive to Taffy Town.
Monica is hired from Bo,
who is the owner of Taffy’s candies firm.
After the death of Bo’s father,
the firm has had some financial problems.
Something is changed,
and the candies’firm isn’t the same anymore.
Uncle Dudley was a great man,
he loved the children and all the firm’s employees.
He created an enviroment
where people from different social rank, colour,
could work in a loved place.
Monica listens to the employees and understands
that the problem is not financial, but spiritual.
Clarence, a sweet blind man,
confides to Monica that the people are the same,
the candies are the same,
but the feeling is changed.
Bo intends to sell the firm.
Monica understands that he doesn’t want
to save the factory.
Between the employees,
there is Susi, who is fallen in love with Bo.
Susie works to the pressure machine,
which has a faulty tube.
Susie says to Monica,
that Bo is a good man
and for him has not been easy
to take over the firm of his dad,
who was a person loved by everyones.
Norma is a strong woman,
who hardly works to keep the husband
and a disabled son.
Isaac is a nice worker,
he lost his family in a car crash.
When Bo says to the employees,
that the following day,
he’ll be selling the firm,
it’s a big sorrow for everybody.
Monica tells him, that she has a plan
and prays him to wait till the end of the day.
Monica asks help to God,
she doesn’t know from where to start.
Clarence arrives to Monica,
saying that he has found the answer.
The thing that misses in the firm,
it’s the spirit, the feeling, the prayer.
Monica, Tess and Andrew,
get togheter the employees in the hall.
Tess explains that with the death of Uncle Dudley,
the prayer is dead, but God has always been there.
Tess says them to stop worring about the problems,
but start to thanks God for all the blessing that they’ve.
She sings a praise to the Lord,
all the persons around her,
feeling God’s presence,
a warmy feeling to be not alone,
and they start singing.
Andrew goes to Bo, he advices him
to go seeing Susie’s machine,
because the pressure is too high and it could blow up.
Bo underestimates the situation,
telling him that every days it’s always the same thing
and from tomorrow,
it won’t be his problem anymore.
Bo hears the music,
he goes to the hall and Susie invites him dancing.
He got annoyed and back to his office.
Monica enters to Bo’s office,
hoping that he has changed idea,
but Bo remains adamant.
Suddenly there is an awful explosion.
Bo is scared and asks to Monica if she is well.
He runs to the door which is blocked from the rubbles.
Bo is terrified, he thinks to Susie and all the employees.
Monica reveals him that she is an angel.
She tells him that God is in the firm in this difficult moment.
Tess appears, and assures Bo that his dad
loved him very much.
She shows him a video which reveals Uncle Dudly’s real will,
words full of love and hope for his loved son Bo.
Bo has tears in his eyes,
and says that he has fear to be not equal to his dad.
Monica tells him that God loves him
and gave him some wonderful blessing.
At the end Tess, says to Bo,
stopping to complain for the things he doesn't have,
but start thanking God for the things he does have.
Bo understands that the angels are rights
and with tears in his eyes
and a trembling voice starts
singing a thanksgiving praise
“How Great Thou Art”.
Monica and Tess disappear.
The firemen arrive and rescue Bo.
Andrew tells him that the explosion
was due to Susie’s machine,
and she wasn’t luckly there.
Bo thanks God and with a trembling voice,
whispering the notes of “How Great Thou Art”,
he enters in the destroyed hall.
Suddenly he sees Susie, she is saved and unhurt.
He hugs her with an immense joy in his heart.
All the employees are saved,
it’s a great happiness moment.
The faith and the prayer have saved Taffy Town’s firm.
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