Songs sung by
Greg Evigan
P.S.I Luv U Theme Song
In the pilot episode
the part of JoJo
was played by
Paula Marshall.
In the following episodes the same role
was performed by
Jane Frazer,
who was Vicki Mallory in the pilot episode.

Guest Stars
Leann Hunley
took part in the episode
"Where There's a Will, There's a Dani".
In the show
"B.J. and the Bear" ep."Crackers"
she was Doctor Winters
and in "The misadventures of Sheriff Lobo"
she was Sarah.
Heather Thomas
took part in the episode
"There Goes the Neighborhood "
In the show
"B.J. and the Bear"
"The Misadventures of sheriff Lobo"
she was private detective Carolyn

P.S. I Luv u's Season Greetings

The actors that played themself
Robert Wagner Lee Mayors

Steve Garvey