The Story

Wanda Talber is a professional cheater.
To avoid the jail, she decides to collaborate
with the police to mafia operation.
The plan has success,
but Wanda is unmasked by the boss Al Fortuno,
who promises vengeance.
To testify to the trial,
Wanda has taken into protection witness programme
along with chief officier mob operation Joey Paciorek.
Waiting for the trial,
Joey and Wanda hide to Palm Spring
with two new identities.
Joey and Wanda always bicker
and now they have to live under the same roof,
as a married couple “Cody and Dani Powell”.
They are under the responsability of Matthew Durning,
who is a former sheriff,
now owner of an investigation company
“PSI” which cares of Palm Spring security.
Cody and Dani will become an excellent investigation couple,
and falling in love each other.