The Story

Joey Harris and Michael Taylor are
called by Judge Margaret Wilbur.
Joey and Michael have been friends for
a long time and they have not seen
each other for 12 years.
They argued, because they loved
the same girl Marcy Bradford.
Now, with their astonishment,
they are in the same office.
Judge Wilbur called them,
beacuse their old flame passed away,
and she left an inheritance to both of them.
Just they see, Joey and Michael
start arguing;
their love for Marcy is still alive.
With their big surprise, the judge says
them that the inheritance
is a child girl, Nicole.
Marcy didn’t know her baby's fatherhood,
so having loved both Joey and Michael,
she decided to leave her daughter to them.
Joey and Michael are completely different.
Joey is an artist, messy and eccentric, and
Michael is a business man, tidy and punctual.
Joey and Michael make peace
and along with Nicole, they go to live to Joey’s apartment.
The starts won’t be easy,
but Joey and Michael will become two great dads!