The Story
Secret agent Lavander is
the chief of Nia “secret service U.S.A”.
He enrolls two new secret agents,
Danny Doyle and Casey Collins.
This special Nia’s team protects
the United States from Russian spying Kgb.
Every mission always accomplished with success!
Thanks to the winning formula that
have the three leading secret agents.
The formula is to enroll some civilians
who have some special skills and
can’t be track down from Russian spies.
These persons are masquerade as tourists by Nia,
who uses a sightseeing bus
“World American Tours”.
Danny is the driver, Casey is the sight guide
and Lavander is the person in charge
of the secret operation and
civilians’ safety.
The bus of the “World American Tours”
goes everywhere.
France, Italy, Hungary, Brazil .
Nia’s team is always infallible!
In every episode, Lavander thanks
his special and precious collaborators
with the mythical phrase:
Welcome to operation Masquerade!