Orly Hot Spring

Orly's Spa The sheriff's office Spa's entrance

In the quiet Orly’s county,
sheriff Lobo with his helpers
Perkins and Birdie makes a good work.
To every assignment,
the sheriff tries to get rich,
with the help of Perkins.
Perkins always tries to get over Birdie,
but he never succeed.
Birdie is a good offcier,
he follows the rules and always finds the right clues!
Lobo’s naivety and Perkins’s awkwardness,
make a way that their little cheats
will never have a good end,
thanks to the honest Birdie.

Sheriff Lobo Lobo and Birdie Perkins and Rose.
Rose is Lobo's sister and Perkins'wife.
Sarah runs Orly's Spa Margaret Ellen brings the lunch to the inmates by roller-skate Sarah and Margaret Ellen have a nice crush for Birdie.
The family Beregher produce contraband's wisky Perkins in action, he's nicknamed
"the cat of the jungle"
The mascot of Orly's football team "Gorilla"

The famous persons dropping by to Orly Hot Spring too!

Dean Martin Gabriel Roman


Lobo, Perkins and Birdie have been so good,
that the governor award them,
with a new assignment to Atlanta.
Police’s chief Carson doesn’t want Lobo,
he considers him a country sheriff.
Carson along with his helper Hildy,
tries to push him out in every way.
Lobo, Perkins and Birdie don’t let them discourage.
Even if they have not an office,
but only a desk for three,
they’ll do a great work,
causing the envy of the two policewomen
Peach and Brandy,
who realize that Lobo’s team is really smart! .