One day at a Time

Bonnie Franklin Ann Romano
Phillips Mackenzie Julie Cooper
Valerie Bertinelli Barbara Cooper
Pat Harrington Dwayne Schneider
Greg Evigan Doug
Randy Brooks Brian
Steve Bonino Lee
Usa 1978

Barbara invites her friends
Doug, Brian and Lee to her apartment;
they must rehearse the musical instruments,
because they have the debut with a new band on Thursday night.
Mr Schneider “the property manager”
complaints with Barbara,
because the band is troubleing
the others flat owners and asks her
to stop the rehearsals.
While Barbara’s friends are withdrawing the instruments,
Barbara’s mom and sister arrive at home.
Doug and his friends need a singer
for the band
and Barbara suggests to hire her sister Julie.
Julie and Doug feel a feeling and
they don’t know how to tell it to Barbara,
who has a crush for Doug.
Barbara and Julie argue for the same boy,
but at the end they’ll make peace.
Julie and Doug’s band perform with success,
applauded by Barbara and her friends.

Songs sung by

Greg Evigan
Phillips Mackenzie
"I'll never leave without You"
"I've got music in me"

One day at a time's screencaps belong to CBS