Jim Davis Jock Ewing
Barbara Bel Geese Ellie Ewing
Larry Hagman J.R. Ewing
Patrick Duffy Bobbie Ewing
Victoria Principal Pamela Ewing
Linda Gray Sue Ellen Ewing
Charlene Tilton Lucy Ewing
Greg Evigan Willie Guest
Usa 1978

Lucy Ewing is the young niece of the powerful family,
who owns a wealthy oil company.
The girl lives along with the uncles and grandparents.
For her birthday, Lucy’d love to invite her mom Valene,
but the family don’t agree with her.
Lucy steals the car of the uncle J.R.
and runaway to look for her mom.
She stops for a little lunch, along the road.
Lucy is noticed by a handsome boy,
who smiles to her.
She realizes that the police has found the car
and escapes from the restaurant.
Lucy hitchikes and Willie
“the restaurant’s boy” stops and lift her.
Willie doesn’t know that Lucy is Ewing’s
and thinks that she has stolen
JR’s car and credit cards.
He decides to drive Lucy
to S.Antonio to reach her mom.
Unfortunately Valene doesn’t work there anymore,
but the worst thing is that Willie is a psychopathic.
He is armed, he robs Valene’s former chief
and run away with Lucy,
who can’t escape from him.
The two young arrive to Austin.
Willie stops in no parking.
He notices that there is
an amatour sing event and
the first prize is of 100 dollars.
Willie compells Lucy to perform.
While she is singing
“Silver Threads and golden needles”,
he robs the cashier,
who is an officier in incognito.
Outside the local, there is Bobbie Ewing
with the cops, they’re waiting for arrest Willie.
The two young go out from the local,
and when Willie discovers that Lucy is a Ewing’s,
he doesn’t want to let her go
and threaten her with a gun.
At the end Bobbie succeeds
to get her free
and Willie is under arrest.
Lucy with Bobbie go back home,
where the grandparents
are waiting for hug her again.

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