Country Comfort

Welcome to Country Comfort!
Country Comfort's parking
Country Comfort's races
Bullets the owner of Country Comfort
The thermal bathes
Christmas at the Country Comfort
The marriage of Carol and Convey
to Country Comfort
Miss Country Comfort
Next candidate to Miss Country Comfort

Country Comfort is a refreshement truckers place.
The name of the owner is Bullets.
Country Comfort’s enviroment is friendly and comfortable.
Sometimes, some little fights burst,
but then, that’s all settled.
The characteristic of the place
is the thermal bath.
In this club, you can play pool,
there is a good cooking
and a nice swimming pool.

To Country Comfort, many events are arranged!. The most famous one is
“Dixie Criss Cross”
where it is nominated
the “King” or the “Queen”
of the road.
To Country Comfort,
Christmas is celebrated in a good company!
To Country Comfort,
you can arrange
the marriages too.
The most famous one,
it was captain Cain’s daughter.
The most waited event is
“Miss Country Comfort”.
Country Comfort is in Bowling county,
stopping there, it’s always a pleasure!.
The most listened song in this place, is
“Country Comfort”
by Elton John.