The Sheriffs

Welcome to Orly Hot Spring!
Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo
Deputy Tobia Perkins
Deputy Birdie Hawkins
Welcome to Bishop County!
Capitain John Sebastian Cain
Officier Higgins and Oscar Gorley
Capitain Cain with Officier Convey
Welcome to Winslow County
Sergeant Wiley
Officier Fox
Sergeant Wiley with Sheriff Masters
Welcome to Los Angeles!
Capitain Rutherford T. Grant
Lieutenant Steiger

Orly Hot Spring
Orly Hot Spring is under the jurisdiction of
sheriff Elroy P. Lobo.
At the beginning, the sheriff is not very honest.
He attends to marked poker games
and collaborates with banker
Mr. Cunnigham
in not very fair business.
The helper of the sheriff is deputy Tobia Perkins.
Perkins always fulfils Lobo’s orders,
he always tries to show off,
but makes a lot of troubles!
Deputy Birdie Hawkins
is the son of the mayor of Orly.
He is an honest young
and has much admiration
for the sheriff;
he consideres him his hero!
Thanks to the esteem of Birdie,
Lobo will get step by step respectable.
He still tries to make some
little cheats,
but with the awkwardness of Perkins,
he will gain no more extra!
Lobo becomes an honest sheriff!
The governor awards him,
with a new assignment to Atlanta.
Lobo with his reliable collaborates,
Perkins and Birdie,
will do a good team work!
Bishop County
Bishop county is under the jurisdction
of captain John Sebastian Cain.
Cain is honest and strict.
The team of the captain is well organized,
Cain spares no expense!
The captain always buys cutting
edge items for fighting the crime.
He goes to specialist
Oscar Gorley,
who owns all the latest in the market.
The police's uniforms and cars are always tidy.
Officier Higgens is the right hand of Cain.
He fulfils with perfectionism all captain’s orders.
Officier Convey is
the son in law of Cain and sometimes,
he works in pair with Higgens.
Cain’s county owns a football team “The Buldog”.
Even if the methods of Cain
are a little strict,
he tries to fight the crime
in the best way!
Winslow County
Winslow county is under
the jurisdiction
of sheriff Masters.
The sheriff doesn’t care
about the county.
He is always busy in active
social life.
He prefers playing golf or going to dinner governor’s.
So he delegates all the work to Sergeant Wiley.
Wiley is not honest,
he never registers
the bails and falsifies the documents.
He tries to get rich in every way!.
He owns a nice house with a swimming pool,
but makes everybody believe
that it is not his,
but one of his friend.
Officier Fox,
has this nickname,
because she is very smart!
She comes from federal department.
Fox has finally found a partner to make the bucks.
She often loves calling Wiley
“my good man”.
At the beginning, Wiley and Fox
don’t get along each one very much,
but at the end they make a pact:
they’ll share everything in two,
but often their cheats
won’t have an happy end.
Los Angeles County
Los Angeles, Scatt police department
is under the jurisdiction
of captain Rutherford T. Grant.
The captain is not honest,
he transacts no clean business,
but always succeeds to hide
his clues.
His collaborator is
lieutenant Steiger,
who fulfils all captain’s orders,
also the less pleasant ones;
like making the coffee
or closing the door.
Just a few times,
Grant has some prick of conscience.
His daughter Cindy tries
to take him on the right way,
but the bad habits are hard to die!