Billie Joe McKay
Billie Joe McKay,
or just plain old B.J.
to his friend is
an independent man and
an independent thinker.
That's why I've chosen the
life of a free-whellin'trucker.
Another reason for takin'to the wheel
is that I have this yearn for freedom,
somethin' I acquired during the Vietnam war,
where I was one of the lucky ones
who survived the horrors of prison camp.
Old B.J. will haul just about anythin'
for anybody-provided they are willin'
to pay the price.
They say I buck the establishment
which is probably
why I take on assignments that sometimes
get me involved in unusual adventures and high-speed,
fender-bending chases.
This articol belongs to
"B.J. And the Bear Annual 1980"
Billie Joe
Name Billie Joe McKay
Birth's Place Milwaukee Wisconsin
Birth's Date 4 September 1955
Family Parents, one sister Shauni
Best friend Bear
Profession Truck Driver
Licence Number 227D86949MTO2
Address Garner Valley Box 268 Milwaukee Wisconsin
Sport Swimming, Horse riding
Music Piano, guitar, sax, singing
Skills He perfectly drives the elicopter,very good motorcyclist
and parachutist
Qualities Honest, Faithful, always ready to help everyone
Favourite snack Pretzle
Favourite refreshement place Country Comfort
Feat that made him famous A soft goods cargo from New Orleans to New York in
24 hours and 10 minuts!